Display data on TV and the web

The display of bee scale data can also be arranged on the TV screen. This is mainly used by beekeepers and institutions that want their own distant bees (e.g. on the roof of their office building) approach their employees, business partners and visitors. It can be arranged also video transmission from bees and projection along with bee scale data.

Such TV presentation of data is used by Cultural and Congress center - Cankarjev dom, SKB banka, A1.

Čebelarska tehtnica prikaz podatkov na TV
Example of displaying bee scale data on a TV screen.

Display data on the website

The bee scale also enables the display of measurements on the beekeeper's website. This way you can add to your website a dynamic display data of your bee families.p>

Prikaz podatkov čebelarske tehtnice na spletni strani ( web widget)
Display of bee scales data on the website ( web widget)

A model set-up of a bee scale


Bee Scale BeeScales.io for 2 Bee Hives


Sensors under the hive

Weight sensors


Weather sensor for measuring temperature, humidity and pressure

Solar cell

central unit

Presentation of the bee scale