Can I install the entire central unit inside the metal container to ensure it stays dry?

No, the central unit must not be installed inside the metal container. This is because the metal construction functions as a Faraday cage, blocking the mobile network signal and thus preventing the scale from sending data.

Can I install the central unit on the metal base?

No. If the central unit is placed near any large metal elements, this can negatively impact the mobile network signal and cause problems with the bee scale’s connection.

Bee scale cannot find a GPS signal. What’s wrong?

The bee scale needs uninterrupted access to the satellites in order to transmit GPS signal. This basically means it needs open access to the sky. If the bee scale is placed inside a closed space, it cannot receive the GPS signal and doesn’t function properly.

Can the central unit be placed outside where it’s exposed to rain?

Yes, the central unit is moisture- and weather-proof, so it can be placed in a location where it’s exposed to rain. The only thing you need to do is to provide additional insulation for the joint of the USB cable and the solar cell.However, if it’s at all possible, it’s better to install the central unit in the shadow and under a roof, so it’s not directly exposed to rain and sun.

How do I install the weather sensor?

The weather sensor must be located in a dry, shadowy spot to ensure correct measurements. If it’s located in direct sunlight, the measurements might not be correct. The same goes if it’s exposed to rain, as the sensor may temporarily or permanently malfunction if it’s not kept in a dry spot. The important thing is that it’s not located in an airtight container, as that prevents it from measuring air humidity, but it must not be in direct contact with water either.

My scale is not transmitting data. What can I do?

Here are the main reasons that cause this problem:

  • The battery is empty. Check if the solar cell is plugged in correctly and charge the central unit with the USB charger if needed.
  • No mobile network. Review the last measurements on the website and check if there are any problems with cell coverage on site. Try to move the central unit to another location to improve the mobile network signal.

If you’re still having problems, reset the bee scale and record a short video of the flickering of the lights on the central unit. Please send us the video over e-mail, Viber or Skype, as it will help us diagnose the problem.

Do I have to upgrade the firmware?

Not if you don’t want to. Firmware upgrades aren’t required, but they are strongly recommended. New upgrades usually provide new functions and improved reliability of the device as well as lower battery usage.

A model set-up of a bee scale


Bee Scale BeeScales.io for 2 Bee Hives


Sensors under the hive

Weight sensors


Weather sensor for measuring temperature, humidity and pressure

Solar cell

central unit

Presentation of the bee scale