Bee scale – winner of the competition for the best technological solution 2021

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Presentation of the beehive scale for German-speaking visitors: bee scale winner of the competition for the best technological solutions in beekeeping for 2021 of the Beekeepers' Association of Slovenia

Swarm detection

Bienenstockwaage Schwarm-Alarm

Bee scale can detect swarming of your bees by measuring the weight of the beehive every five minutes. .

When the bee scale detects a major change in weight, it triggers an alarm. The beekeeper is notified via E-mail, and the alarm is also visible on the mobile and web application.

Anti-theft alarm: GPS localization of the bee scale

Bienenstockwaage Diebstahlsicherung

The bee scale has a built-in movement sensor.The movement sensor is very sensitive and detects even the smallest movements of the scale.

This means that if anyone tries to move your bee scale, you are immediately notified about this with a special alarm. Thanks to its built-in sensor, the scale can then transmit its exact location via mobile network, enabling you to find it immediately.

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Video presentation of beekeeping scales (in german)

A model set-up of a bee scale


Bee Scale for 2 Bee Hives


Sensors under the hive

Weight sensors


Weather sensor for measuring temperature, humidity and pressure

Solar cell

central unit

Presentation of the bee scale